Creating a safe space and welcoming, inclusive environment for LGBTIQ+ supporters, athletes, staff, volunteers and organisations at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games


Pride House Birmingham will include a programme of entertainment before and during the Games drawing on the best talent from across the region. Our programme will include the following themes:

  • Sports and Human Rights
  • Queer sport and the Commonwealth
  • Celebration of local queer culture
  • The Diversity of the Second City and its relationship with the Commonwealth


Pride House Birmingham will work to promote LGBTIQ+ participation in sport and physical activity. To achieve this, we will work with a range of local stakeholders, both within LGBTIQ+ communities and networks and within wider sport and physical activity provision. We want a legacy of healthy, happy, active LGBTIQ+ people across the West Midlands.


Our education programming will see work with schools at all key stages, centred on the theme that โ€œEveryone is welcome in Birminghamโ€. Our youth programming will see LGBTIQ+ young people create their own programming to explore themes of the diversity of the Commonwealth, LGBTIQ+ human rights and sport.

More broadly, we will offer educational programming for a range of stakeholders over a period of 12 months, focusing on the key themes:

  • Sport
  • Human Rights
  • The Commonwealth